Alfred Hitchcock-Inspired Art

Sep 06 2017

Posters Celebrate the Theme of Season 2

An exclusive look into the Hitchcock-influenced artwork of the new season of Search Party. It’s so good, it’s Psycho.

“I want this to not have happened.”

“We will deal with it, and be done with it.”

“We’re gonna need some shovels.”

“We're going to be the only people we know who have gone through something like this.”

“It’s like kind of bonding in a sense, right?"

“We'll have to do our best to pretend to be good, normal non-murderers.”

“Imagine the worst thing possible. It’s worse than that.”

“I read online that it takes years to get over killing someone.”

“I had this sudden feeling that like everyone … knew.”

“Your skin always gets dry when something is haunting you.“